Global Collaboration Class

A colleague of mine, Phil Macoun, created a 4-day Moodle course on global collaboration.  You can find more information on his blog:

I’m now at Day 3 and I’m enjoying the discussions and reflections from teachers all over the globe.

From that day, I keep reflecting on the 7C’s of Flattening Your Classroom with global collaborative projects (as defined by Vicki Davis):

1. Connect:  make time to find ways to connect with others

2.  Communicate:  have open asynchronous (different times) and synchronous (same time) communication with teachers and students

3.  Collaborate:  this is when students are truly working together, co-creating, not just sharing information

4.  Citizenship:  build confidence and proper ways to promote digital citizenship – don’t run away when a student posts something inappropriate – make it a teaching moment and move on.

5.  Choices – give students choices to create and have a voice (BYOD, Edmodo, blogs)

6.  Creativity:  top of Bloom’s Taxonomy – make originals, not copies (as written by Phil Macoun)

7.  Celebrate:  take time to celebrate the success of the project and to reflect on the positives and improvements – most critical part of growing.

I need to remember these 7 C’s when I’m participating in global collaborative projects with my students.  If I don’t, I’m short-changing them.




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