Two Amazing Experiences in One Day!

I had the opportunity to work with students in Indonesia on their English skills and then learn about a teacher’s trip in Nepal in just 2 hours!

The teacher in Indonesia is Endang Palupi, an ESL teacher at a school district in Pekalongan.  She contacted me via Skype to see if I could talk with her students.  I was happy to accept and asked my own children, Danny (11) and Meghan (14) to speak with them, too.  We found out they love Justin Bieber!  They like to eat, megono rice, a traditional food in their city.  They also taught us a phrase, selamat malam, which means Good Evening or Good Night.   I showed them the snow in our backyard.  They liked that because they only have 2 seasons in Indonesia and do not get snow.  We spoke for over a half hour and I hope they enjoyed our conversation!


teacher and friend from NepalAnother teacher and director of SAV School from Nepal, Govinda,  contacted me via Skype and wanted me to view his slide show of his trip to visit relatives in his country, Nepal.  We used the presentation tool, Discovere, which is low bandwith and free.

A Visit to Nepal

An Interview with Govinda Prasad Panthy


These type of connections make me realize the world is truly flat and ultimately good.  There are good things happening and I am fortunate to know these wonderful people in all parts of the world.





  • #   J. McNulty on 02.07.12 at 11:31 am     Reply

    Talking with Endang’s students in Indonesia has been lots of fun for me – even with the time difference. It’s great to hear that more and more people are using skype to talk to her English language students.

    • #   tmallen on 02.07.12 at 8:36 pm     Reply

      I skyped w/ her students again last night. There were hundreds of them and they just sat in the back while a few students greeted me and asked a few questions. I wanted to know more about what was going on in the background, though!

  • #   Michael-Ann Cerniglia on 02.07.12 at 8:13 pm     Reply

    I am always amazed and humbled to learn new things about other places… then I realize that we have snow and how novel that is to others. Then I realize we *are* the “other.” I like how that feeling turns things upside down :-)

    • #   tmallen on 02.07.12 at 8:35 pm     Reply

      I agree! I wish more people can see that, though.

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